An Independant SeneGence Distributor


About ME

When a good friend introduced me to the world of LipSense, I was in absolute SHOCK at how perfectly amazing this lipstick was.  So much so, that I immediately became addicted.   As a  full-time working, mother of three,  I really  had no interest in starting my own distributing business and simply signed up for the discounts.  Little did I know, that just one short month later, by simply wearing the product I loved and chatting about it with friends would launch into making fast income for me and my family.   

My new passion is to help spread the word of this amazing lipstick and the wonderful company that makes it.  I want everyone to have the same incredible opportunity that I have had with this company, make extra income and love what they do.  Right now is the absolute best time to jump in, as this company is growing rapidly.   

Join me and my team today!